Does it feel like your job search is taking way too LONG?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2021

Check out my latest video reproducing the experience that many mid-career professionals feel when searching for a new opportunity.

Have a good laugh at my expense as I age 30 years in 30 seconds!

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Job Seekers: Stop turning your search into a full time job

job seeker Feb 15, 2021
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Job Seekers: Stop being viewed as just another candidate and start being treated as a “must-hire” professional

job seeker Feb 01, 2021
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Laid Off Due to COVID-19? Follow This 10-step Strategy to Land Your Next Role

job seeker Nov 12, 2020

Have you been laid off due to COVID-19?  Are you struggling to find your next job? Are you frustrated by the disconnected and impersonal job search process and a lack of results?

Even before COVID-19 impacted job seekers across the country, the way job seekers are encouraged to conduct their search has changed drastically, and further removed them from the opportunities they seek. The pandemic and the resulting massive number of layoffs, only serve to highlight the obstacles to opportunity now more than ever.

Overcoming a Broken Application Process

One of the biggest challenges involves the evolution of the job application process.  There are now numerous job boards and “easy apply” buttons on websites that provide a quick hit of positivity and confidence to job seekers by giving them a false sense of productivity. Since it now takes such little time to complete the job application process, professionals desperate to land their next opportunity will click to...

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