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"I highly recommend Matt and the services he provides. After being laid-off from a long career at one job location, I needed help maneuvering through finding a new career. Matt was able to help me look at my skills, personality and motivators to improve my interviewing skills. His help improved my confidence in myself and what I have to offer companies. I became better prepared for interviews including how to interact with my interviewer. I continue to use the information and skills Matt helped provide. Matt is easy to talk with, genuinely cared about me and provided the skills and encouragement I needed during a very tough and uncomfortable time in my life."

April Stevens
Certified Scrum Master

"I found Matt to be an amazing career coach. He used a personality technique called DISC® which proved to be an invaluable tool to help me understand how to represent my career background in a manner that would be attractive to hiring companies. I would recommend Matt Trent to any professional seeking new and rewarding career opportunities, and seeks a career counselor who delivers the goods. I expect to be working with Matt as my career develops to help me navigate in a new role, and advance my career to the next level. Let Matt take you to new heights in your search for rewarding work!""

Felicia Olsen
Project Manager

"Matt's approach was refreshing. I quickly realized I had someone in my corner that would not only help me represent myself much better but was a strong advocate for me in several ways. To me, it started with a DISC assessment. This helped me better understand myself, my strengths and provided some keywords to help describe those strengths to others. Not only potential employers, but even loved ones in my personal life. The assessment itself had great value, but the encouragement and consistent road map Matt and I traveled was super refreshing during a time when it really did seem like I was being heard, understood and valued."

Dan DeSive
Director, Information Technology & Telecommunications

"Matt also helped me by asking me to reflect back, in detail, on my career and all my accomplishments--and document them. This exercise helped me answer interview questions more confidently and helped me recall specific experiences that I could relate back to the interviewer. Ultimately, Matt helped me land my current job, and do a better job interacting with leaders on the job. I'm also confident it will help me with my next job search, and I know he has a formula that works. Thanks, Matt, for your unwavering support and the countless hours you spent helping me through a difficult time of finding a new job.""

Mattock Smith
Director, Enterprise Architecture

"Earlier in the year I connected with Matt Trent and his firm Silver Arrow Coaching. My career of 20+ years in technology sales and marketing roles had taken many pivots and needed a proper focus forward in the right direction. Matt has a lot of intelligence, experience, and understanding that was helpful right from the start. The core of his coaching is based on the DISC assessment, not just your own but understanding others and developing a higher level of interpersonal communication to better tell your story as part of the search and interview process. Matt will customize his pace to suit your needs. "

Will Moulthrop
Sr. IT Resource Manager

"Matt spends a lot of time really digging into your career with you, which helped me realize that I did have a path of career progression that wasn't just random happenstance. This allowed me to create a structured narrative around my career journey and also made me see what my real passions are.  If you compare the value of Matt's services to other individuals who offer resume services at a much higher rate than Matt, I think you will see he is very affordable and has an insightful, fresh, holistic approach to career advancement and job searching. I plan to continue working with Matt in the future as I know he really cares about where I end up."

John McMahon
Administrator Identity and Access Management

"I felt with my qualifications and history it would be a breeze to get a new job.  However, after a couple months of searching and COVID shutting down the opportunities, I reconnected with Matt from many years ago.  Immediately, we caught up and started talking about what he was doing, Silver Arrow, and life in general.  Little did I know that his coaching services were available and would become a great asset to me.  Matt takes the time to understand, advise, and coach you to success.  Within about six weeks I went from catching up in a phone call to receiving an offer in a very challenging marketplace. "

Shane Egnew
Client Success Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

How successful has your job search been so far?

  • How long has it been since you last worked?
  • Do you know what your job search is actually costing you in lost income?  Find out here
  • Are the previous ways you found a job no longer working?

I can help you reduce the amount of time & lost income you are experiencing by teaching you a proven approach, as well as strategies and techniques others have used to land a job more quickly. 

Working with me should be seen as an INVESTMENT you are making in yourself, benefiting you now and for the rest of your career.

My methodology is unorthodox vs. what you see in the career coaching services marketplace.  I believe sales and marketing are at the heart of everything we do in our careers, so my approach starts with a solid foundation (objective self-assessment) and builds a career narrative (messaging) that can be leveraged to find a new job, gain a promotion or help someone make an informed decision if they are at a career inflection point.  Over the course of my own career, I have successfully used every one of the tactics and strategies I teach my clients.  Nothing I teach is purely theoretical. 

When I worked for various companies over the course of my career, they also gave me these types of assessments and I was probably the biggest opponent of them you could find.  However, I learned over the years of managing, mentoring and coaching individuals that it helps if there is a common framework & language that can be referenced when working with each other.  An industry standard assessment meets this requirement, so for my coaching practice I included an assessment as a foundational component of my methodology.

I selected the DISC assessment because it is shorter to complete than many of the others, and it focuses on natural vs. adaptive behavior (behavior can change in different environments and situations).  DISC is also unique because it isn’t only used for greater self-understanding, but also helps someone understand others and how to successfully adjust their communication style.  A huge benefit from using this assessment is the output (findings report) from it.  This 40 page report contains so much personalized information about an individual that my methodology can quickly help someone leverage this information to assist them in all stages of their career (not just job seeking).

Absolutely not!  I have designed my coaching approach so that as soon as you learn a concept, best practice, etc.  you can immediately begin using it to your benefit.  However, as you progress through my training courses, you will learn how to integrate all of this newfound knowledge into a comprehensive strategy moving forward.

Absolutely not!  Unfortunately, most people are only interested in career coaching services while they are looking for a job.  While my services help active job seekers tremendously, I teach concepts and best practices that are applicable to all aspects of career management.  I think most, if not all of my coaching clients will make a comment about wishing they had used my services earlier in their careers when they weren’t looking for a job.  There isn’t anything in my core methodology that couldn’t be used to help people as they try to determine where they are in their careers and where they want to go.